Media is an important part of our volunteer ministry in replicating and promoting the word of God. This team helps create an atmosphere where people can experience the presence of God. Operate cameras, lights, screens, and sound to support the Gospel being presented on stage. 


Greeters and Ushers are to provide information on the church, provide direction to proper areas in the facility and direct people to the appropriate staff or lead volunteers for further assistance.  They are there to serve the pastoral staff and the people of God with any emergency situations that may arise in a service. Greet with a smile and usher into the LIFE ROOM to their seats and to God.


Music & Creative Arts ministry provides the Arts through skill and anointing to support the prophetic word, preaching and teaching, and deliverance ministry. Music & Dance ushers in the Holy Spirit as greeters and ushers guide people in the service. We seek to provide opportunities to those gifted in the arts to glorify God with their gifts in our corporate gatherings. If you are interested in ministering in this capacity by joining the worship team,  band, or audio/video team, Dance Ministry contact Andrea Bailey - (email)


Women’s retreats, fellowship dinners, prayer meetings. Titus 2:3-5 to learn from each other’s faith in Jesus Christ and experiences; Ephesians 4:28 to share our gifts and resources as well as establish a network to create lucrative ideas and work opportunities. Ephesians 2:10 to do God’s work that He has prepared for us. Advancing God’s kingdom through ministries that equip women to grow, serve, and reach out with the gospel of Jesus Christ


IRON MEN is a  ministry that provides mentoring, training, and covering for men. IRON MEN  break through barriers and limitations placed on men from society and generational setbacks. Through brotherhood, as IRON sharpens IRON men grow in Christ and set the standard for their families. 


Prayer teams are important to the life of the church. This is a vehicle for the word of God to manifest and birth God’s will on the earth. As the word of God is preached, it must be accompanied with prayer. This team helps to provide a spiritual hedge around the vision of the church and amplify the voice of the word of God.


ZOE KIDS is a part of shaping the next generation by engaging kids with the Gospel to help them build their faith. Work directly with children through Bible stories, songs and group activities or work behind the scenes to provide the best experience possible for kids and parents.


IMPACT YOUTH Ministries - A place where all youth can ENCOUNTER God, be EQUIPPED as followers of Jesus, and IMPACT their world!

We encounter the powerful, life-giving presence of the Holy Spirit by looking for Him in every moment. We have expectation for the radical, the impossible, believing that God can move supernaturally through any one and at any time.

We are EQUIPPED by God, to be disciples of Jesus. Intentionally growing in the truth of the Gospel and building genuine community through small groups.

We take every opportunity to IMPACT our world with the transformational love of Jesus. We have predetermined that we love and welcome everyone before we’ve ever even met!

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